Chapter 1

Counsels on Diet and Foods, pp. 22-24 (EGW)

Why the Light on Health Reform


20. The Lord has let His light shine upon us in these last days, that the gloom and darkness which have been gathering in past generations because of sinful indulgence, might in some degree be dispelled, and that the train of evils which have resulted because of intemperate eating and drinking, might be lessened. {CD 22.2}

The Lord in wisdom designed to bring His people into a position where they would be separate from the world in spirit and practice, that their children might not so readily be led into idolatry, and become tainted with the prevailing corruptions of this age. It is God’s design that believing parents and their children should stand forth as living representatives of Christ, candidates for everlasting life. All who are partakers of the divine nature will escape the corruption that is in the world through lust. It is impossible for those who indulge the appetite to attain to Christian perfection.—Testimonies for the Church 2:399, 400, 1870 {CD 22.3}

21. God has permitted the light of health reform to shine upon us in these last days, that by walking in the light we may escape many of the dangers to which we shall be exposed. Satan is working with great power to lead men to indulge appetite, gratify inclination, and spend their days in heedless folly. He presents attractions in a life of selfish enjoyment and of sensual indulgence. Intemperance saps the energies of both mind and body. He who is thus overcome, has placed himself upon Satan’s ground, where he will be tempted and annoyed, and finally controlled at pleasure by the enemy of all righteousness.—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 75, 1890 {CD 22.4}

22. In order to preserve health, temperance in all things is necessary,—temperance in labor, temperance in eating and drinking. Our heavenly Father sent the light of health reform to guard against the evils resulting from a debased appetite, that those who love purity and holiness may know how to use with discretion the good things He has provided for them, and that by exercising temperance in daily life, they may be sanctified through the truth.—[Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 52] Counsels on Health, 120, 121, 1890 {CD 23.1}

23. Let it ever be kept before the mind that the great object of hygienic reform is to secure the highest possible development of mind and soul and body. All the laws of nature—which are the laws of God—are designed for our good. Obedience to them will promote our happiness in this life, and will aid us in a preparation for the life to come.—Christian Temperance and Bible Hygiene, 120, 1890 {CD 23.2}


A Recommendation for Health Reform

True diet reform will recommend itself because of its good sense. Its fruitage will be seen in good health, strength, a sweet breath, and a sense of well-being. Even the spiritual life may be aided by good health habits. It has been gratifying to witness, through the onward march of scientific study, a full substantiation of many great principles and even minute points of instruction revealed to Seventh-day Adventists through Ellen White’s inspired pen. {CD 7.5}

That this volume may aid its readers in obtaining better health, both physical and spiritual, is our sincere wish. {CD 7.6}

The Trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate Washington, D. C. September 17, 1976

Importance of Health Principles

24. I have been shown that the principles that were given us in the early days of the message are as important and should be regarded just as conscientiously today as they were then. There are some who have never followed the light given on the question of diet. It is now time to take the light from under the bushel, and let it shine forth in clear, bright rays. {CD 23.3}

The principles of healthful living mean a great deal to us individually and as a people…. {CD 23.4}

All are now being tested and proved. We have been baptized into Christ, and if we will act our part by separating from everything that would drag us down and make us what we ought not to be, there will be given us strength to grow up into Christ, who is our living head, and we shall see the salvation of God. {CD 23.5}

Only when we are intelligent in regard to the principles of healthful living, can we be fully aroused to see the evils resulting from improper diet. Those who, after seeing their mistakes, have courage to change their habits will find that the reformatory process requires a struggle and much perseverance; but when correct tastes are once formed, they will realize that the use of the food which they formerly regarded as harmless, was slowly but surely laying the foundation for dyspepsia and other diseases.—Testimonies for the Church 9:158-160, 1909 {CD 24.1}


Dates of Writing or First Publication

As an aid to the student, the date of writing or of first publication of each selection is indicated in connection with the source reference. Where articles have been drawn from published volumes, the date of publication appears preceding the reference. In the case of the matter drawn from the periodical articles and the manuscript files, the year of writing or of first publication forms a part of the source reference. {CD 11.1} In a number of instances the articles drawn from later books, such as “Counsels on health,” Appeared first in works now out of print. The reference to the current work is given, but the information as to the first publication of the article is noted in parentheses in connection with the source reference. {CD 11.2} Compilers.

In the Front Ranks of Reformers

25. Seventh-day Adventists are handling momentous truths. More than forty years ago the Lord gave us special light on health reform, but how are we walking in that light? How many have refused to live in harmony with the counsels of God! As a people, we should make advancement proportionate to the light received. It is our duty to understand and respect the principles of health reform. On the subject of temperance we should be in advance of all other people; and yet there are among us well-instructed members of the church, and even ministers of the gospel, who have little respect for the light that God has given upon this subject. They eat as they please, and work as they please. {CD 24.2}

Let those who are teachers and leaders in our cause take their stand firmly on Bible ground in regard to health reform and give a straight testimony to those who believe we are living in the last days of this earth’s history. A line of distinction must be drawn between those who serve God, and those who serve themselves.—Testimonies for the Church 9:158, 1909 {CD 24.3}

26. Shall those who are “looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, who gave Himself for us, that He might redeem us from all iniquity, and purify unto Himself a peculiar people, zealous of good works,” be behind the religionists of the day who have no faith in the soon appearing of our Saviour? The peculiar people whom He is purifying unto Himself, to be translated to heaven without seeing death, should not be behind others in good works. In their efforts to cleanse themselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God, they should be as far ahead of any other class of people on the earth, as their profession is more exalted than that of others.—Testimonies for the Church 1:487, 1867 {CD 24.4}