The 2022 Summer session will open with a completely new portal… and we’re really excited about this! God has blessed His plans so much that we now look forward to offering a series of initiatives to complement this life-changing experience! So take a look below and sign up to receive updates for our next session ;-)








Our next 40DB2E Program series will start on July 3rd!

This comprehensive 40-day guided plan walks you step-by-step through a complete lifestyle change (mind, body, and soul) using God’s Plan, the divinely-inspired path to a better life! Sign up for updates on our next journey where relationships are forged while learning new things in the pursuit of perfecting health and character :-)

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Note: The best way to get optimal results with the 40DB2E Program is to follow the path of the original journey. But, since we understand that it can be hard sometimes to make huge changes without taking smaller steps in between, we’ve made the transition as easy as possible for those that need it, as the Lord leads :-)

Your contributions will be used to support all member services, as well as fund other evangelistic endeavors and community-outreach efforts. If you would like to support our mission, you may click here to make a donation »

Your patronage is much appreciated :-) Thank you, and God bless!

Member Benefits


Physio formulas, fat and water calculators, and food combining tools (just to name a few) assist with monitoring your progress… putting you in control of your health, by God’s grace ;-)

M2M Services

“M2M (Member to Member) Services” ensures everyone’s needs are met – much like the principle at the foundation of the apostolic church in Acts 4:32-35 :-)

Broadcasts (Fall 2021)

LIVE and On-Demand audio/video programming including cooking and exercise shows, tours, interviews, documentaries, movies, and more! The newsletter will feature segment recaps.


Daily bread, broken up into digestible bites for meaningful sustenance throughout the day. Choose from a variety of categories to get the spiritual food that caters to your specific need.

Bible Studies

Easy-to-understand topics will be presented with curated content from Inspiration embedded within Bible prophecy, followed by a lively Q&A for maximum exposure and retention.

Recipes (Winter 2020)

Your choice of access to a weekly selection of curated recipes – or – unrestricted access to our entire catalog including meal planning guides and video demonstrations for each dish!

Exercise (Spring 2021)

Assemble your own workout plan from our curated selections of common exercises – or – get unrestricted access to our entire catalog and exercise alongside our video demonstrations!


Our extensive library of natural remedies within God’s Plan are best suited to equip you with everything you need to restore the mind, body, and soul from sickness to natural health :-)


Our highly commended member support is nothing short of first-class – providing you with 24/7 assistance when you need it through FAQs, forums, and personal mentor/group interaction.

Marketplace (Summer 2021)

Enjoy guilt-free shopping in our online store, stocked with heaven-approved grocery items, clothing, merchandise, and much more! Plus, get up to 10% in discounts with every purchase ;-)


Eat-n-Greet's (Post-Pandemic)

Come together every week to meet the rest of your 40DB2E family, share personal experiences, and enjoy the blessing of fellowship over a super-delicious three-course meal :-D

40DB2E Journey

This comprehensive 40-day guided plan walks you step-by-step through a complete lifestyle change (mind, body, and soul) using God’s Plan, the divinely-inspired path to optimal health!
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This will be an amazing opportunity for you to meet new people, learn new things, and perfect health and character through a complete and total change of mind, body, heart, and soul for the purpose of God using you to spread this gospel to others! It’s time to experience this journey like never before and get involved with finishing God’s work!

In faithful service,
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